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high quality hermes replica Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been contributed to help after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit January 12.So, why do we open our wallets for strangers, like Haitian earthquake survivors? Is it out of empathy? Guilt? Compassion? Or something else?Experts say these kinds of acts, which make people feel like they’re part of something larger, are energizing and emotionally rewarding.Studies have shown that when people get together and cooperate to do good deeds, it leads to positive feelings, said Liz Dunn, assistant professor of social psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.Dunn’s research shows that people get the most emotional benefit from giving money to recipients they know personally, or when they know someone who has a direct connection to a cause or charity. For instance, someone might replica hermes silk scarves feel better after giving money to an individual volunteering in Haiti than after donating to hermes replica watches uk a large organization to which they have no personal ties.”When hermes replica jewelry we do the kind of giving that’s more social, more personal, more meaningful, I think that’s when we see the emotional benefits arising,” she said.Money needed most in Haiti earthquake relief effortsWorking with other people who care about a cause also creates personal ties and replica hermes belt motivates donors. A fundraiser such as Team in Training, a charity sports training program that supports blood cancer research, is an example of a philanthropic organization that raises money by getting people to work together, she said high quality hermes replica.


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